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This Elder Wine Whose Grapes On Saturn Glowed….

We were late getting our inaugural wine club shipments out! (Yours Truly Broke His Arm And Severely Sprained His Leg). However our April Wine Cult shipments are ready and waiting to be shipped out!

 Tsathoggua is the 2nd God to be introduced to our Great Olde One line! Tsathoggua is a proprietary blend of this finest grapes the central coast has to offer! This edition is limited to ONLY 50 bottles and if our 1st edition Great Olde Ones: Cthulhu is any indication of this lines popularity then we expect Tsathoggua to sell out just as fast. You will receive one bottle with your wine club order and you are welcome to order 1 Additional Bottle As A Club Member 

City Of The

Old Ones

is the 2nd LoveCraft Wines label featuring the exquisite art from Michael Plondaya’s Lovecratian Post Card Line. 


Our 2010 Sangiovese has notes of fresh strawberry and a hint of spiciness. Truly this is a wine from a different time and place.


You will receive one bottle with your wine club order and you are welcome to order 1 Additional Bottle As A Club Member.

The first 10 Black Goat of the Woods Wine Cult Members to Order will receive a bottle of LoveCraft Wines The Pallid Masque!

The King in Yellow Series

Hail To The King 

Featuring art by  Jean Philippe Chambert and featuring the poetry of Cody Goodfellow.

The Pallid Masque is a 2012 Central Coast Chardonnay with subtle hints of fig and banana, briefly aged in French Oak and finished in traditional stainless steel. This is a daring and untraditional chardonnay bares the honor of being LoveCraft Wines first white wine.


“The Yellow Sign Has Been Served And Time Is A Flat Circle, And You Will Empty This Bottle Again And Again, And Again…”


Straight on the heels of the Black Pharaoh Tuscano is the Nyarlathotep. The One of Many Names and Forms likeness has been brought to life by French Artist Francois Launet. The back label features original poetry by the Joseph S. Pulver SR. 

A Blend of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon from the world famous Happy Canyon A.V.A. on the Central Coast California. This small batch artisanal wine will please the novice wine drinker and impress the advanced.

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