What Temperature Should White Wine Be Stored At
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What Temperature Should White Wine Be Stored At? (2022)🥇

In this article, we’re going to be discussing what the ideal temperature is to store white wine.

It’s known that the subject of wine storage temperatures can be a little subjective, because every wine collector/wine enthusiast has differing levels of experience.

However, we’ve done our very best to find a consensus on what the ideal temperature is, and we’ve linked to the sources where possible, to back up our research.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s discuss this topic further.

What temperature should white wine be stored at?

Wine Cooler temperature guide for different types of wine

White wine should be stored in a wine cooler at the temperature of 55°F [MasterClass]. This is referred to as the wine storage temperature.

White Wine Serving Temperature

However, the serving temperature of white wine depends on the type of wine it is, as we can see from the image:

white wine serving temperatures

Light white wines should be served at a temperature between 44 – 50 ̊ F (7 – 10  ̊ C)

Full-bodied white wines should be served at a temperature between 50 – 55 ̊ F (10 – 13  ̊ C)

Sparkling wines should be served at a temperature between 42 – 50 ̊ F (6 – 10  ̊ C)

For those who may not be aware of how light or heavy a wine is, we’ve included a white wine boldness chart’ from Wine Folly which shows all of the light-bodied, medium-bodied, and full-bodied white wines.

White Wine Type Chart

Additionally, for those interested, we’ve also got a guide on what temperature red wine should be stored at, which you can read here.

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